I Don’t Have Store. What to Do Next?

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At Dropshiply, we’ve everything for you. From Domain & Hosting to Setting up your own custom store.

Let’s dig this a bit more further.

When you’re stuck in such a situation where either you don’t have a store or you don’t have domain & hosting. We have two solutions for that particular situation.

Solution 1: The Long Way

Step 1: Log in to your app dashboard and you will see on your left side panel, Domain Name Search, and there you can find and book a domain.
Step 2: Now you need to get hosting from the Hosting Section right below Domain Name Search within the dashboard. We have a list of renowned Hosting providers that provides quality hosting. You can check their features and get one Hosting for yourself.

Registering a Domain & Hosting

Step 3: After you’ve your Domain & Hosting now you need to connect both of them and set up.

Setting up Domain & Hosting

Step 4: After connecting, now install WordPress and set up a basic store with any basic theme. For premium & handpicked collection of themes, you can also check our theme store right in your app dashboard.

Step 5: After setting up a theme now you need to install & activate the WooCommerce plugin in your store.

Setting up a Theme & WooCommerce Plugin

Step 6: Now after doing all the above tasks, you’re ready to connect your store with Dropshiply. Go to the app dashboard and connect your store there.

How to Connect your Store to Dropshiply?

Step 7: After the successful connection of your store the next step is to research products for your store as per your niche.

How to Research Products with Dropshiply?

Step 8: After you find products for your store add them to your import list using the Add to Import List button.

Step 9: Now go to the import list and edit the product like the title of the product, description, variation pricing, and many more.

Step 10: Now after editing the product, just publish the product to your store. That’s it.

Importing & Publishing Products to Dropshiply

With these steps, you can easily start importing products from Aliexpress to your store.

That was a long way.. Now just look at the short way…

Solution 2: The Short & Time Saving Way:

Order a custom store from Dropshiply and you get all the above prerequisites fulfilled by a team of professionals right away.

Features of Ordering a Custom Store with Dropshiply:

  • Premium VPS Hosting Free of Cost.
  • Professionally Designed Custom Store as per your need & choice.
  • Done for you Payment Gateways.
  • Unique & Handpicked products for your store.
  • Save tons of time and money.
  • Get products with a high-profit margin.

Get a custom store now and save time as well as efforts. Order Now.



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