2. How to Use the Dropshiply Product Spy Tool

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The product Spy tool is one of the hottest features of Dropshiply. It consists of many valuable apps connected under one roof so that users can research products on the basis of the customer’s choice and most liked products in the market.

Using the tool is a piece of cake too.

We have 6 tools right now in our Spy tool module and many more are coming soon in the nearby future.

Now let’s go through all the tools one by one and know all the features about them.

1. Aliexpress Product Spy Tool

The Aliexpress tool is a very crucial and valuable tool in itself. It showcases all the Aliexpress Categories & Subcategories to the users. Users just need to choose the right category and the subcategory and find all the worthy products in it.

After selecting both the Category & Subcategory user can now see a pool of products of that particular niche with the Featured Image, Product Title, Product Price, Score, etc.

The best is that the user can import the particular product to their import list right from there.

So use this tool to research a variety of different Aliexpress products and import them to your import list and then publish the products to your store.

2. eBay Product Spy Tool

We’ve covered eBay too in our product spying list. This tool has the complete potential to fetch all the products right from eBay’s inventory and show them right in front of you.

To get the products you just need to enter any relevant keyword and click on the Search button. After that, the tool will fetch you thousands of eBay products in well-sorted columns with their Images, Prices, Watch Count and External Product URL.

Check out the products and sort out some of the most-watched and bought products.

3. Alexa Spy Tool

The Alexa spy tool brings you the top sites from all over the globe by categories. The complete website list is sorted in more than 15+ categories which then classify into many subcategories and bring you the complete list of websites very well classified.

This tool is also very convenient to use just select any category that matches your niche and then the related sub-categories, which will fetch you a complete list of sorted data in different columns. The data consists of Website URL & Title, Popularity Rank & Description .

You can also export the data in CSV file for further use. This tool is very much helpful in analyzing any website and its traffic stats.

4. Walmart Product Spy Tool

Walmart Product Spy Tool is also a bit similar to AliExpress Spy Tool. It has also the Walmart Product categories and subcategories and showcases thousands of Walmart products in the niche.

You just need to select a particular category and subcategory and then you will find thousands of products in well-sorted columns with their Images, Price Stock Availability, & External Product URL.

Similarly, go through all the most bought and valuable products and make a list of all the products for your dropshipping store.

5. FB Interests Explorer

This tool is very much in demand looking at the present scenario. To explore & to know the interest of a particular user is a gold mine if you want to capture any particular segment or niche.

As a maximum no. of users are on Facebook scrolling through tons of posts and pages a day in day out. Getting to know what exactly a user is looking for what basically he/she likes is what gives you an edge to choose a profitable niche for your Dropshipping store.

This tool is also very easy & convenient to use.

Just enter any relevant keyword and click on the Search button. The tool will fetch you tons of results right from Facebook’s database and show you the Audience size of particular interest and an external URL to see the complete data of the interest.

You can also export the data in CSV file for further use. Use this tool and look out for the Audience size of a particular Facebook Interest.

5. Youtube Spy Tool

This tool brings some very useful data from Youtube’s database. With this tool, you can search which video is ranking in any particular keyword with their total views Like counts, Dislike counts & Comment counts.

Just enter any relevant keyword around your niche and find out the video which is ranking on top of the list and the total views of instantly. The data in the table is sorted by total views in high to low.

You can also export the data in CSV file for further use.



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