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You can get started with Dropshiply within a few minutes of reading this guide. Let’s dig this out.


  1. SSL Secured Domain & Hosting
  2. WordPress
  3. WooCommerce

The above prerequisites are mandatory to get started with Dropshiply.

As we all know exceptions are always there. So there might be some cases which you are facing that needs to be discussed further in this guide.

Case 1: No Domain, No Hosting

In case if you don’t own a Domain or Hosting then you need to purchase them as soon as possible. Now to cut sort your problem of Domain booking & purchasing Hosting we already have two tools in our Dropshiply App that will get you through this.

Domain Name Search & Booking Tool

Compare & Purchase RenownwedHosting

Both the above tools will help you book a Domain as well as Hosting which are the first and topmost prerequisites.

Case 2: WordPress not Installed

As Dropshiply, for now, works only with WordPress so it is a mandatory task to come up with. Installing and making a website using WordPress is very easy and convenient.

You can go through the below guide to know more.

How to make a website using WordPress

Case 3: WooCommerce not installed & activated

After you’ve successfully set up your website by installing WordPress the next step is to Download or Install the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress plugins directory & activate it.

Below guide will get you through this:

Setup WordPress Plugins, Theme & WooCommerce

After you have completed all the prerequisites now it’s time to now get started with Dropshiply. Below mentioned steps are the common steps that you can start off with.

Step 1: Connect your WordPress Store with Dropshiply

Connecting a store is easy with Dropshily. Follow the below guide to know that:

How to connect your store with Dropshiply?

Step 2: Research Winning Products

With Dropshiply, you can research winning products on your own. Let’s see how:

How to Research & Spy Products using Dropshiply Spy Tool?

Step 3: Import & Publish Products

Now after you’ve successfully connected your store & researched products with Dropshiply it’s time to start running off with Dropshiply.

Go to Product Importer from the sidebar menu.

Let’s see how to use the Product Importer for importing products.

How to Import and Publish Product using Dropshiply

Step 4: Manage your Store

With Dropshiply, you can manage your Store right from the app itself. Let’s see how to do that.

Manage your Store with Dropshiply Store Manager

Apart from all the above-mentioned steps, there are many more features that Dropshiply comes with. You can check all of them one by one and also learn how to use them using our Knowledgebase articles.

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