2. Connect your Store with Dropshiply

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Connecting your Woocommerce store to Dropshiply is a walk in the park. Let’s see how:

  1. After successful login in the dashboard, you will find the Connect WordPress Store box right in front of your eyes.
  2. Now you just need to enter your WordPress store URL in the URL box and then click Connect.
    • Note: The store URL should start with https://
  3. Wait for a few seconds and Woocommerce will ask you to authenticate your store. After that enter your WP username and password and authenticate your store by approving the access request.
  4. Wait for a few seconds the browser will redirect you to the Dropshiply dashboard with all your store stats


That’s all. Get started to sell with your dropshipping store.

How to Connect your Store with Dropshiply Manually?

If anyhow your store is not connecting with Dropshiply using the above method then we’ve another method for connecting your store with Dropshiply. Let’s see how

In the Connect WordPress Store box at the bottom, you can a link to Connect Manually. Just click on that and you’ll see a popup that asks you the fill up the following fields.

  1. Store URL – Enter the exact store SSL secured URL ( i.e. https:// ) in the input field.
    E.g. https://www.domain.com/
    E.g. https://domain.com/
  2. Then you need to enter your WordPress store Consumer Key.
  3. After that enter your WordPress store Consumer Secret.


If you don’t know where to find the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret then the below guide will take you through the process.

How to generate WooCommerce API keys manually?

Note: If you’ve connected your store using any of the methods above and now you want to check if it has connected successfully or no then you can go to Store Manager >> Store Status available in the sidebar menu. There you”’ see all the details of your store. If anyhow you see no details of your store in the store status then you need to check your connection. Disconnect and connect your store with the proper method again.



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