1. My Store is Not Connecting with Dropshiply ?

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If you’re not able to connect your store then this article might help you out. Check all the points mentioned below and figure out which point actually resembles your problem.

  1. First of all, verify that the store URL is the base URL of the store. It should start with HTTPS:// and should not have additional paths like /admin, /shop or any other.
  2. Check if you have installed the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website. It must be version 3.0 or later to work smoothly.
  3. Double-check your WordPress login credentials when connecting your WooCommerce store.
  4. You must also have the  “Administrator” role in the WordPress website.
  5. Check if your REST API is enabled in REST API Settings in your WooCommerce plugin. Log in to your WordPress admin panel then Goto: WooCommerce >> Settings >> Advance Tab >> Rest API and make sure “Enable the REST API” is checked. Incase if you don’t have an API tab, you need to consider upgrading your WooCommerce plugin.
  6. Make sure your permalinks are set to “post name”. Permalinks can be found here: Dashboard >> Settings >> Permalinks

If you are still having trouble connecting your WooCommerce store, please contact support.

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